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White Star Memories - the brainchild of collector and R.M.S. “Olympic” Historian John White and now houses probably the largest privately owned collection of ‘White Star Line’ & “Titanic” material in Europe.

Taking a diverse approach, “White Star Memories” has not only original artefacts and ephemera, but the largest “TITANIC” book collection to be found anywhere and many important film props; in particular, some of the famous costumes worn during the production of the James Cameron 1997 blockbuster “Titanic”.

Beautifully presented in specially designed cabinets, original pieces include a large collection of silverware, china, furniture, clothing and much more, to give a real insight into life during the Victorian & Edwardian period of ocean travel.

The exhibits are superbly complimented by dozens of backing boards, banners, videos and even a mock up of the wreck site as seen through a submersible’s window, all of which help guide the visitor through history, telling a story that has gripped the imagination for over 90 years…

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